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Both of my knees hurt when I walked in the door from my run this morning. It was only a short outing - four miles - but they were sore.

Am I worried? Not really.

They hurt because I spent five minutes crawling around on the concrete looking for my house key, which I dropped walking up to my front door. I was looking at the paper so I didn't see where it bounced/landed, and since the kids didn't have school today I didn't want to risk waking anybody up banging on the door.

What could I do? Even if the family had been awake, I can hardly leave a key to the front door laying around in the flower beds, now can I? So I nosed around until I found it. Bronzish door keys blend in surprisingly well with last summer's creeping fig leaves.

Two interesting things I've seen while out running lately:

1. Half a cat. Really - I was out a couple weeks back and saw a lump of something furry on the trail. As I got closer I saw that it was the front half of a cat. Head, front legs, chest cavity - you could see the cat's ribs (from the inside). Nice. Looked like a fresh kill too - no bugs and no stink. Damn dirty coyotes, can't even finish up a cat.

2. Maniacal bicyclist. I was running down one side of the road and a cyclist went by on the other side of the street, going the same direction as me. Nothing unusual there.

About 30 seconds later, from the darkness ahead, I heard a strange crunch/crashing sound. Since I was already running toward the noise I just kept going. As I came over a slight rise I saw said cyclist - lying in the road, underneath his bike. !!!

I couldn't figure this one out as he had been riding on the sidewalk, which is separated from the road by a six-foot wide strip of grass.

I yelled out "ARE YOU OKAY?" as I approached, but when I got close enough to check on him he stood up, picked up his bike, and started cackling maniacally. He hopped back on his bike and headed on his way, still cackling. I yelled "I'LL TAKE THAT FOR A YES!" and resumed my boring seven-mile cackle-free run. I still don't know how he ended up in the road like that.

Begin Again

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Well, after a longish winter break I am back in the saddle.

A couple weeks ago I started training for the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon in early June.

This time around I'm trying Hal Higdon's Novice II plan. He doesn't mess around with this one. The week 4 long run was 12 miles. Whoo!

Further boring stories as events warrant.

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