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Things You Refrigerate

The other day Mike and I somehow ended up talking about the things we did or didn't refrigerate at home.

We both thought the other was crazy on at least a few points. Here is what I remember of the list we discussed, and whether or not it's in my fridge:

Bread: No
Carrots: Yes
Celery: Yes
Fruit: No(*)
Ketchup: No
Mustard: Yes(**)
Soy Sauce: No
Syrup: No
Peanut Butter: No(***)

(*) There are exceptions. Apples are almost always in the fridge. Oranges bought in bulk for juice tend to sit on the counter. Oranges for eating tend to go in the fridge.(****)
(**) I checked and the mustard says "refrigerate after opening" so I guess there really isn't an option - that is, if you don't want it going bad.
(***) Except the fancy schmancy kind we've been getting at Trader Joe's. I don't like it. Cold peanut butter tears the bread something fierce.
(****) As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds."

What's in your refrigerator?

UPDATE: Mike set up an online poll here: Which go in the fridge?
Poll results can be seen here.


Bread: Sometimes
Lettuce/Asst Greens: Yes
Red Bell Peppers: Yes
Fruit: Sometimes*
Ketchup: Yes
Mustards: Yes
Soy Sauce: Yes**
Syrup: Yes***
Peanut Butter: Nope

* Usually only grapes; everyone else goes into a bowl on the counter
** It says to put it there on the bottle
*** We heat it up anyway, and it keeps the ants away from the cabinets

Not all soy sauce calls for refrigeration. Trader Joe's, for instance.

For starters, misterpoll.com is bad; the results should keep the same order for every question: fridge first, then cupboard, regardless of results.

I don't have most of those items in my home, but I would put every one in the fridge.

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