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Running. (Late.)

I am a bit behind in my entries.

A couple weekends ago I ran my first 5k - the L.A. stop of Nike's Run Hit Wonder. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but it turned out to be a lot of fun.

I learned many things that day. Foremost among them was that my treadmill has been lying to me. You see, I cannot keep up with the treadmill at 6 miles per hour - 5.5 mph is about where I cap out. Armed with this information, I was expecting a time somewhere around 35 minutes.

Imagine my surprise when I finished in 28:15. Turns out I'm not the world's slowest man.

Which leads me to my next point. The best part of the whole business (Devo concert aside) was passing people. Since I normally run by myself, I have no idea whether I'm "fast" or "slow" - I always assumed I was "slow." [Insert joke here] I was going by people the whole race, and it was great I tell you. Great!

Now that I've given you that little insight into my personality I will share some pictures from the event:

Brad's Run Hit Wonder Photos



Oh, so you had to wear the shirt...

Yes. Shirt = bib number. Must wear shirt to participate.

Is it bad karma to wear the shirt for the race?

To clarify - when you say I "started running 3 weeks prior to the event", you mean I started TRAINING... It did not take me 3 weeks to run 5k.

(thanks for the props)

I would generally say bad carma to wear race shirt in race...but I think you just might be off the hook in this case. At least the playing field was level! (Actually, smart move on their part, consolidation is the name of the game these days, eh?)

It's very bad Karma to spell it carma.. ;-)

Guess my spell check went to bed before my body did!

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