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Electronic Crack

What I am about to say will cement my reputation as a geek. That's ok, I'm comfortable with it.

Neverwinter Nights is crack.

It is some good stuff. This computer game is not "like" Dungeons and Dragons. It IS Dungeons and Dragons. And I have merely experienced the single-player mode.

If Katy were not around to protect me from myself I would likely be driving down to Mexico to get some of this so I could play for days at a time.

If you ever enjoyed a little RPGing you owe it to yourself to get this game. It has turned my computer into a way-back machine - once again I find myself having conversations with people about their "elven ranger with a 20 dexterity" and making lame jokes about missing saving throws. It's like being 15 again - this time without the acne and transportation issues.

Now if you'll excuse me I have some other things to take care of on my computer, before Katy gets home from the store...


Muah-ha-ha-ha! You are trapped. Wait until you play with other people online....

Brad is 1 or 2 Lag Deaths away from DSL...


Multiplayer is great because of the DM ability. No more selecting dialogue, just ask the barkeep where the guy is you're supposed to kill.

The magnetic pull of this is strong. Maybe I should mention it to Katy.

Don't worry, she's fully aware of the situation. All too aware...

Multiplayer makes any game, whether it be an RPG or an FPS, much more fun...

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