Worst Case Scenario

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Every year, we get a "family pack" of sparklers, fountains, and other small fireworks to set off in the street on the Fourth of July.  In my hometown this is - strictly speaking - illegal.

(I will now pretend to listen to your lecture about how I shouldn't do this.  Okay, done listening)

This year my son somehow figured out that this activity was illegal.  I assured him that I was handling the fireworks safely and that there was little chance that we would run afoul of the law, considering the rockets and other stuff that are routinely launched in our neighborhood.

Nevertheless, this caused him to fret.

And fret.

And fret.

Of course, this fretting was done quietly, and he kept it to himself.  Until dinner on the 3rd of July, when it all came out in a torrent - he had built up a chain of events in his head that started with me lighting illegal fireworks in the street and (dot dot dot) ended with him and his sister in foster care.

So, I didn't set off any fireworks this year.  I mean, it could happen, right?

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