Great World Cup Commercials

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If you've been watching the World Cup here in the US of A you've probably seen the Adidas commercial where the two kids pick football* dream teams to play a pickup game on a dirt field.

It turns out there is a longer version of the "picking teams" spot, and a followup spot where the teams play. I'm sure I would get more of the little in-jokes if I knew the players but they work anyway. Check 'em out:

Impossible Team Part I: Equipo

Impossible Team Part II: Partido

In the first spot one of the kids laughs when the other picks Beckenbaeur - here's why: Franz Beckenbauer played for the German national team in the 70's. Everybody looks surprised when he actually shows up. Now can somebody explain to me what's funny about the guy who gets the keeper gloves?

* My people call it soccer.

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Talin said:

They laugh because Jermain Defoe is not a goalkeeper and he is a forward ... oh and also dont forget, besides Beckenbaeur’s character, Platini the former French player is also recreated here, and Zidane asks the kid to pick him!

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